Poem -


Free free...
The wings of thought
For life is more 
Than what is taught
Open up the chasms deep
For your truth lies there
Still half asleep
Look look...
Through the mirror of dreams
Lest all you yearn to hold
Shall exist in you

It's secrets
Never told
Breathe breathe...
The life you know

Lest blessings pass you by
Swim the floods
And climb the peaks
Let love teach you
To fly
Know know...
The hands of time
Shall walk there by your side
The elusive peace
You sorely miss
Waits yonder
It's healing kiss.
Marion Price (2019)


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Cherie Leigh

Hi Marion...I am loving your poems today!  I can relate to this one's message and its voice of reason and truth to find healing and to create a life I want with courage and determination..especially with love and time working together...This was awesome.  Pinned...xo ;)  

Marion Price

Thankyou so much Cherie, it's so easy to slip into the dark but it's very difficult to get back up...it can take a long time to heal, we have the know the darkness to appreciate the light ..hugs 🌹🌹