Poem -

Healing hands 🤝

Healing hands 🤝

Tarnished teardrops staining a smile
Everyone feels these once in a while
One minute we are up, the next we are down
Trying our utmost to reverse that sad frown

Life can’t be a sweet bed of roses all of the time
When we are at rock bottom
We’ve a steep mountain to climb
There’s a multitude of reasons
To make us feel blue
But with love & support
This will help us pull through

Family & friends with tender loving care
A problem can be sorted if we are willing to share
A shoulder to cry on in our moment of need
A positive attitude is what’s needed indeed

So in times of trouble & desperate despair
Reach out for a samaritan
There are plenty out there
Who will lend you a caring listening ear
Provide you with comfort
& shelter you from fear

Never shut yourself in that will do you no good
Escalating your worries locked under a hood
Be brave & courageous
If it’s the last thing you do
Once you have conquered this corner
The healing hands will help you