Poem -


If you feel her love
When she sits in front of you
And smiles
Panting with excitement
With desperation
To be close to you

If you know her joy
When she wags her happy tail
At the sight of her lead
At the bounce of her ball
And she knows
She will spend time with you
She has waited all day
If you smile
At her need to protect you
As she shouts her warning 
​​​​​​To the postman
To next doors cat
To the delivery man
That flying hat 
And if you welcome her weight

As she climbs on the bed
At the end of the day 
Licks your face
And farts
Lays her snout 
Right by your head

And sleeps
Then you are truly blessed.

Marion Price (2019)



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RRG (Rebecca)

My kitty doesn't bark at the mailman lol, but she does lick my nose from time to time :) This is sweet. Blessings

Marion Price

Lol...IV two cats also and 2 dogs and they are family...each with distinct personalities and quirks ...animals are so underestimated. But the sheer delight in both my collies eyes when I return from work..well there really are no words to describe, animal lovers already know...as you do, thankyou Rebecca 😊🌹

Robin Carretti

I love this because animals show there hearts better then humans you can feel the heartbeat of paws of words 

Marion Price

They are family aren't they?? People think i live alone but there are five of us here 😃, they just don't get it, thankyou Robin 🌷🌷