Poem -

Heart and Soul

Heart and Soul

Oh truth don’t hinder me with yet more lies
Free my heart ~ bring my soul to life
Emotions stirring once more alive

The fear of being hurt
Brings me no gain ~ so why
Do I torture myself
And cause such pain

I cry out for love so long denied
Yet when it smiles on me ~ I
Toss to one side

Why am I so foolish ~ why so afraid
There is nothing to lose ~ yet
Everything to gain

Can I trust you with my heart
Fragmented from the past
Can I trust you?
I should not have to ask

Fluttering sensations
My heart is filled with song
The past has locked its door
A new chapter has begun

I welcome his open arms
His sweet embrace
His touch as it lingers
Upon my face

His kiss warm and gentle
His smile as if just for me
He is the sunshine ~ that
Set me free

Video sung and created by me

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Cherie Sumner Taylor

HI Anne!  You are so talented!  I am impressed with your beautiful voice and sentiments in poetry!  Love is always worth the risk of getting hurt in order to experience something so profoundly beautiful and saving.  I can relate to to a time when I too was afraid to embark on falling in love again after being hurt.....so thankful I did not succumb to those fears and miss out!  Lol  Beautiful!  xo  Love n Hugs

Anne Francis

Hi Cherie

Thank you for another visit and lovely compliment - yes so
love to sing.    Some of my life will enter into my poems as
find they can be written without bitterness.

I have 2 sons, 2 daughters, 3 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren
who I love dearly but alas they all live miles away in Essex while I am
her in the North West.  They think I should be near to them but life
seems to have it's own thoughts.  Have been one my own now for
21 years just have not met the right person.  It is not because I have
been hurt it's just one of those things.  Seem to be telling my life
story - sorry.

Age is no secret - strange when one gets older they don't mind
disclosing their age mine is near on 80 which happens on
November 23 where have the years gone they certainly have

Greg Etsell

Anne great poem is this you singing if its WOW!!! great voice

Anne Francis

Thank you Greg - yes love singing it does something to me
like opening up my soul.
Off to bed now my eyes are closing so tired.

Nite and God Bless
Anne x