Poem -

Heartfulness ❤️

Heartfulness ❤️

A happy heart is a haven of harmony
A healthy heart roams the countryside burning energy
An empty heart doesn’t realise what it misses
whilst a heart in loves embraces loving kisses

My heart is thankful to be alive
I am 60 will I live till 65 ?
Who know’s, yet a heart that beats strong
dwells in a body capable of living long

Heart’s full of sadness, depression & pain
long for the day to feel as right as rain
They say that time can only tell
if one survives they may get well
but holding doubt & desperation
breeds a heartfulness of devastation

Positivity helps to heal negativity
it is a sensible heart to store spirituality
To maintain a fit, wholesome heart one requires a life-style that is smart
A mental mind with well-being
eating a balanced diet that is agreeing

Each & everybody has a heart
which manifest’s one’s personality from the start
The precise minute one enters this earth our heart is ticking with all it’s worth
but our destiny lies in the moment it fall’s apart

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