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Heaven nor Hell

Heaven nor Hell

Betwixt my bewilderment of befuddled dreams where absolutely nothing is anything as it really seems.. I go to the land of fabricated fantasy amidst my baffled head as I lie constantly tossing and turning in my comfortable kingsize bed 

Oh what an entangled web of wonderment I can easilly find within my intertwined imagination..tavelling between the passageways within corridors of hidden, hermetic hallucination.. transported in timelessness to phantasmic fool’s paradise, hoping when I wake up my recollections will be nice..lost in a mythological, made-up reverie, where there is no place on earth that I would rather be

Lying in complete contentment unwinding my busy brain, as it leads me through fictional falsehoods that wantonly wax and wane..Oh the overwhelming satisfaction whence one is in a sheer state of ecstacy, enjoying total peace and harmonized perfect pleasantry..take me to this land that I know and love so well, yet may my chimeras be heavenly, but never those of hell

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