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Heaven-sent happiness

Heaven-sent happiness

If heaven-sent happiness was sent from up above showering those who needed it most & encasing them with love
Nobody would be lonely, troubles would be rare,  depression wouldn’t be a growing issue, one could look above for care

Alas tho the skies above are beautiful, a lovely changing view,
One may not realise Mother nature is looking down on you
She is constantly making an effort in her colourful delights with her adorable, magical painted palette sights

So the next time you feel down & think no one is around raise your eyes up to the heaven’s above, do not look upon the ground
I am certain this will help you, it shall give you a jumpstart to heal your saddened wounds & put love in your lonely heart

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Tony Taylor

Hi JILL!!.... what a fun and lovely poetic thought to have conveyed here...... true optimism and faith can be a most powerful tool in life.....ALL STARS!!.....VERY clever and creative dear poet sister!!.....LOVE & ROCKETS!!......T xo 🐧❤

Jill Tait

Aww thanking you kindly Tony 💙👍⭐️