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Sometimes we have no say
The darkness decides
Grabs us unwitting unwilling
Takes us anyway

Places us on beds of nails
​​​​​Straps us down
Ignores us
Though we scream and wail

Spins us till we know nothing
Drops us stunned
On the lonely floor

Already down 
We can't get up

We flail about
With limbs of mud

But sometimes sometimes
Luck holds sway
In the darkest hours of the
Darkest days

And a hand appears 
To aid our plight
To raise us up
And see us right

To chase away
The fearsome night
And send the demons
Into frenzied flight

Oh...to have such a hand...
Marion Price (2019)


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Cherie Leigh

HI Marion....I know what you mean!  Life can really be fickle with luck and seems to shower us with unpredictable trials and days of darkness..and oh how nice it is when fate decides to offer a helping hand....My hand is outstretched waiting for it,....lol....Honest write of how vulnerable we are to the wiles of the worlds ways...Great theme and conception.   Love n Hugs xo