Poem -

Her smile is fading

Her smile is fading

Slowly her smile fades 
the more people let her down 
the more she sees 
that love is all around
but not for her 

even though she fought for it
even though she changed
seems everyone else 
gets their way
everyone but her 

Her heart broken 
in a million pieces
in a million ways 
her spirit weak and weary 

Her soul is tired 
Shes tried to be happy
And for a mere moment she was 
but life has been more dark and dreary 

the loneliness it eats her up 
The boredom
the fate shes been handed 
fills her days with constant tears 

The broken promises
 The fruitless offers
The consistency of it
throughout the years 

shes barely holding on 
she wants to let go
but life wont even give her that
Her smile is going away 
her eyes red from constant crying 
lonely girl, it's been this way so long 
She wonders what she done so wrong.

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D'angelo Porter

Absolutely brilliant. I feel like every person who sees this will relate in one way or another, fantastic poem. Life can be tricky but thats why we keep playing its little game, so we learn, so we can get better and pass each level, slowly, but surely. again fantastic write

Ash Gibson

Thank you for your comment, I appreciate it.. 

RRG (Rebecca)

This reminds me how dark depression can be. That seeing anything bright and positive can be hard when the sadness is constant. Beautifully portrayed. 
Blessings, Rebecca