Poem -

Hermit to Emperor

(translated from my Dutch original with help from my wife, Eline Eugenie (Youtube name)

Hermit to Emperor

Hermit to emperor

If you lay down your head to rest,
do you feel my heartbeat
as the way to dream?

With your head on my chest,
I no longer feel hemmed in
by my own inner void,
that never fills the same space.

For me too, in that moment,
the road to sleep is open,
to a world incorporeal;

a world living
in images,
breathing colours
hardly in existence.

By your hands, when they lead me
down that road, the waking greys are lifted
and I am freed from being unheard, unread,
a mere stepping stone to elsewhere.

But if I utter not, act not,
why then should I be heard?
I cloister myself,
until I come to your hands again,
once more find the nest to rest.

I can only be Emperor
if you are yourself unvaulted
and in all times
can dream on my chest.


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Marion Price

This is so beautiful John, it speaks of safe harbours, connections and refuge...a calming of the noisy inner child, hugs 💕

John Loopstra

Thank you, it is why I am married to Eline and she is married to me. As soon as the connection is lost - all hell breaks loose and we are just a snowflake in the Sirocco :-)