Poem -



Staying isn't a choice I make, it's something I have to do
Taking everything I love, as if it belongs to you
Every one thinks I'm crazy, you're the perfect man indeed
Taking me in so long ago, providing me what I need
No one knows what you really are except for you and me
Turning me into the girl you needed me to be
Now here I sit alone, underneath your thumb
Back then I was a little girl, I was young and dumb
Now that I am older, I'm planning my escape
You aren't any hero underneath your cape

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Tony Taylor

Hey SCARLET ANN!!......I haven't read you before but found this a compelling read for it's keen sense of rhythm and timing .......and strong narrative moving it along with fine fluidity!!....... Freedom sometimes does require patience!!......ALL STARS!!... well done dear poet sister!!......LOVE and ROCKETS!!......T xo 👍👍👍☀☀

John Coggins

Really good Scarlet Ann! Tony has already said some of the thing's I was going to mention, but I agree, a compelling piece, great, strong timing and flow! Followed ☺