Poem -

He's everything you're not.

He's everything you're not.
You yelled and screamed.
He loves and nurtures.
You blame and decieve.
He has patience and honesty.
You made me a lifeless shell.
He makes me a wholeful person.
You held a gun to my head.
He took me paintballing and purposed.
you swallowed me in your toxicity.
He drowns me in affection.
You gave little and expected more.
He gives all and expects nothing.
Hes everything you'll never be and more.
I was a lifeless body swooned by your small affections
You took life AWAY from me.
He breathes life WITHIN me.
With him I'm alive.
With you I'm just a rose full of thorns.
Scarred to the touch and beautiful at first.
I never liked roses though.
So now I'm a carnation
Full of bloom and beauty .

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Tony Taylor

Wow!!....it seems you've created a poetic list from which only one piece of truth can  be honestly discerned CRYSTAL!!.......and in so doing you have probably made it much easier for you to breathe......sometimes poetry can be TRULY therapeutic for its author......and I believe that THIS is one of those occasions ........ALL STARS!!......well conceived and honestly  delivered!!......thank you for sharing this......well done dear poet sister!!......LOVE & ROCKETS!!.......T xo 🐧✴❤

Crystal McConnell

Thank you so very much. I'm still working through some things, but poetry helps me work through A LOT of things.

Simon Bromley

Powerful piece and so glad poetry helps you because you're so good at it.