Poem -

His Holy Light

His Holy Light

His Holy Light
There is a spirit that dwells within
Delivers me from the rivers of sin
Like a burning star he is my light
No longer get lonesome in the night
He has me reach out for the distant stars
His love encompasses my heart near and afar
No longer do I fear the demons of the past
Because his love will now and forever last
He breathed new life into my tired soul
Raised me up then broke the mould
I have felt the wrenching hands of pain
Once drowning in a river of my shame
He is the answer to all of my prayers
I just reach out and know he is there
His hand washed away all of my tears
That until he came I had cried for years
He is both the universe and the endless stars
His love bandaged all of my many battle scars
His heart is a raging fire deep in the night
He took these blind eyes and gave them sight
His love is echoed from the shadows of the cross
A holy bearer sent to banish sadness and loss
I want him in my soul till the end of time
May his holy light forever continue to shine
By Gary Edward Allen 2018

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Cherie Sumner Taylor

Amen Gary!  May his love and light shine in your soul...and show others in this world that God is real!  Very reverent write...I love how you share your faith. xo ;)