Poem -


It was a day to remember in a year to forget 
Will always be with me that's a sure fire bet
Was a simple thing lasted only a short while
Will look back on it fondly and always smile

Won't mean anything to anybody other than me
I can't say what it is as I'm sworn to secrecy 
All I can say its important to take a positive thing 
So much joy and happiness it will certainly bring

The world is in such a mess for this I know 
Everyone has to pull together and let their love show
Hold onto something important like I have today 
Hoping that things improve is all we can pray

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It’s definitely a time to take stock and be thankful to be even healthy right now. Finding a positive in your day and sharing the love. A nice positive boost. Thank you x 

Richard Waters

Pseudo-intellectuals devise formats to stress what is important. But, " little things " can count double. In, your mind. Even, if it is lost to the world of others. Say, across " The Divide " ! You, understand ? To, each their own I stress. It, is in the " wealth " you choose, for yourself, that you find happiness. After, earning, it.
In the grand scheme, " you, shall find what you seek " ! If, you put aspersions aside to contemplate truth. Of, heart and soul. Criteria set by oneself determine your position, on things. You, take what you want or need from life ? It, is in fulfilling appetite, that you live beyond the horizon. Wishing to discover far greater, than expected possible. For, the sake of yourself, and, those around you.
HOLD ON TO  " THE LIGHT " ! HOLD ON TO THE DREAMS ! You, shall have, all that, you deserve, if you give, as well as explore. LIFE. LOVE. LIBERTY.  :) " Work, for the drop...and, the slop !! "  GET, IT ? Perhaps, in time ? If, fate intervenes !!!  :) You, know what you require. Yes ?

Richard Waters

KICK, IT, OFF ! "SHOOT 'EM UP ! " Why do you not ? Poetry,and, liquidity fated to appear, in the " Theatre " of FANTASY. Everyday things, for once ignored, in the name of diversity. Charitable heartfelt invasions into fresh territory, envisaged ? Yes ? ( Why not ? )
Ability, to seek a vision, appreciated. Obviously.  :) Right ?