Poem -

Holiday from Smell

warning, it gets gross

We had to leave
The plumbing was bad
It defused a reek
that drove us mad
It was a stench
no wrench could fix
Worse than soccer socks
left soaking in sinks
Worse than milk rot
in carpet silk
Worse than durian yellow
in carrot speckled puke
Worse than a toot
after garlic buttered seafood
Worse than the breath
of a centurian k-9 pet
My wife and I
had to get away
from our child's 13th birthday
We just aren't keen
on hosting a teen
We've no idea
how he got so spoiled
But our mojo for parenting
has been soiled
The filth that flies
under that one's eyes
To abandon him was
most wise
You would too
if he was yours
mouthing off
and slamming doors
We are a peaceful pair

We do not yell
Yet this ratbag lad
is straight from hell

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