Poem -


She is tiny spoons of honey on
parched and drying lips, she is
tiny pitter patter feet in rainy
morning mists. She is unicorns
with rainbow horns and beads
and bows and slides, she is
grown up dreams in tiny
seams, and long words joined
with sighs
She is colouring and colourful,
she is so old and so young, she
is sound advice in tiny voice,
she is singing, stories, sun. She
is arms outstretched and eager
hugs, she is a skipping ropes
on grass, she is ballerina,
faerie, she is dolly's left on

She is all the stars in heaven,
wolf stories in the moon, she is
all the notes of music, she is
tinkling in dark rooms. She is
all the questions never asked
and all the answers known, she
is tiny hand of comfort, she is
love and life and home ~

Marion Price(2020)



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Cherie Leigh

Awwww....What a lovely innocent beauty this Holly is. Just when I am fed up with the world, if I find a small child in their own world, I am reminded of the beauty that is still there...the hope and wonder rekindled by just watching them in their inspirational flutter.  Beautiful. xo ;)