Poem -

Hope, pray, wonder

Hope, pray, wonder

Why is it that they’re always so cold?
It’s the most dissatisfying thing
I feel let down every time.
Spending so much time thinking
Praying, wondering, surrounding myself with his image
Only to be let down by his actions.

I hate the way he screams so silently right in my face
He pours his emotions right down my throat 
By saying absolutely nothing at all
His look says it all
A look that says ‘No. Sorry. You’re not good enough for me, yet’

And it’s in the way he acts.
He tries to be cool.
I hate when he reads and doesn’t reply
It’s like I don’t even exist to him
But I know that’s not true…

It’s just a front, a façade
To hide his true feelings
Because I know that even if it’s just 0.01%
Of his being that feels it,
He feels it too.

I hope, I pray, I wonder.

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