Poem -


crazy little stars leaving

Celtic in pagan sacrifice
red the tears collected
wash away in a salty brine
rinse the rainbows twice

im wondering with a star
we are looking for the place in the dark
frozen places
iron and stone
littered faces all alone
starving amongst tinsel chains

we wonder me
the star again

the women writing
on a whitewashed call
I love him
I love her
I love all

a crowd in gathering shout
throwing the sharp word
throwing her out

im wondering looking for the lost
me this star
caught before any music calls
silence slits the
the throat of velvet dawns

the valley of limbless fools
drooling caution as a promised rule
golden Mondays chase so many
weeks away

lovers caress on edges
fresh yellow corn flys in
a threatened breeze
already she departs

voiceless screaming trees
march in legends
written by a flow

me and this star
we wonder
looking for the places darkness falls

I stop on a steady gravel rage
scuffing the stretch
i draw another line

the star turns
and leaves


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