Poem -

how can....

How can my 3 little boys,
my family,
and now,
to add one woman,
And her daughter,
make this kind of impact?
On what I thought was a life bound in chains,
through illness,
And my body ruined,
To me now flourishing through health,
Physically and mentally, Again....

If I was to tell you,
That just 2 months ago,
I thought I was really at lifes end,
My body slowly depleting,
Till forever,
I thought I would go.
Then I was wrong,
As i have 3 beautiful boys, That keep me going strong. Not only that,
But I’ve truly met someone,
An amazing mum of one, Whom I’ve this good gut feeling about,
That can’t be wrong,
As believe is all our fates final true path,
All 5 of them,
We’ll make it last,
forever long.
It’s up to me and #superwoman now,
To keep us on what feels like steady earth.
We both made a promise,
To be there for each other, Through pain as hot as a hearth,
Or even worse.
Through any stormy weather, But also the calm,
Caring love,
That we know,
we both prefer.
To me,
You’re the card of 4 wands In my pack of tarot cards,
That i do refer....
‘4 wands',
A happy home and in a possible country setting,
I love the cards you gave me, And the cards,
With their true vibes I’m getting.
I was drawn to this one for you,
As every word said there,
If wanted,
i can make that your truth!
Not just for you and I,
But each one of us,
1 through to 5.
My boys,
you and your daughter,
As well as my family,
Make me thankful,
I’m still living and am starting to thrive,
I can start to build and regain, Not just mine,
But all our lives!
Even my kids and families cards were good,
I’m loving fate,
And what,
To us,
It gives now,
Not hides! xxxx 

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