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How My Eyes See You

How My Eyes See You

It was the year of losing all things sacred
My mother's and my grandmother's teaching vanished
so quickly from my teenaged eyes
Like the armed boy with toy guns at his side, I was suddenly disarmed by a beauty
Beauty I never thought existed
I was full of foolish dreams...
full of bullets
Self-inflicted wounds from my own gun
I shot myself in the heart
When I failed to see the true beauty at first sight
I saw clearly in the night
Though I was hopelessly blind
Then the day came when I saw you again 
My eyes burned from guilt
How I felt so wrong 
I realized that my eyes were now open 
You were and are the princess I let slip through my fingers
How my eyes see now...
how my blind eyes see you 

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Tony Taylor

Hey MICHAEL!!....a VERY fine representation of poetically expressed "Exasperation"!! (Smiles).... or at least that's the way it felt to me...... like....." The One That Got Away" kinda thing!!......ALL STARS!!...... well done dear poet brother....... keep up the Greta work my friend!......LOVE & ROCKETS!!.......T xo

Michael Roy

Hey Tony how are you? Thank you so much. Yes this piece I did write for 'that one that got away'. I was young and couldn't really see what was in front of me. Oh well, life goes on. Thanks, brother poet! Peace.

RRG (Rebecca)

Deeply moving. Some serious emotion and it rolls with the flow of your words. Powerful impact near the end when the reality sits in and awakens. Well done. Thoroughly enjoyed this write. Blessings

Michael Roy

Thank you for your feedback. I admit it was a bit hard to write, after 20 plus years. The memory of her and seeing her was like fire to my eyes. But she's happy, so I should be happy too. God bless.