Poem -

How the other half lives

How the other half lives

I am happiest at home tho I love going on a holiday
One appreciates their homestead when one has been away
It does one good to get a break from the mundane monotony
Yet home is where the heart is undoubtedly
Whilst we are all creatures of habit
We share similar characteristics
Each and every one of us likes learning foreigner’s linguistics

Thus travelling abroad to somewhere new overseas is absolutely awesome 
Just like the bees knees
Learning one’s culture and natural nomatives
It is amazing embracing how the other half lives
So annually one will book an exciting vacation
Maybe’s boarding an aeroplane flying to a different destination

Summer is the season for jovial jolly folly
An enrichment of sunshine to rid the melancholy
Whilst it is something to look forward to that delightful day you depart
Seeking out that currant bun to warm the cockles of your heart
Then after we have had our fun it is time for us to return
With all our souveniers and presents and that golden glow of sunburn

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Greg Etsell

I to like to stay home 
I haven't been any where 
in 4 years to see my brother 
in CA and haven't been on
vac to like ENGLAND since
2007 so I thinking  I am ready 
I have looked and look to where 
go it cost lot to go,away but its 
always good to get away and 
comeing home is always better 

Jill Tait

Awww get yersell a little holiday Greg xxx