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Humpback Whales

Humpback Whales

Can you believe the sheer monstrous size
Of the enormous humpback whale
So nurturing & maternally wise
Over fifty feet long from its head to its tail

Wow, longer than a bus
Roaming in the sea
Can you imagine what an amazing
Sighting such would be

Travelling in pods, usually two or three
Mom & her children in the Antarctic sea
Communicating sounds, echoing below
Melodic, haunting songs 
Close connection as they go

Covered in briny barnacles
Harboured with lice
Causing white disease,
Not very nice

They breach & slap the surface
Stirring up the ocean
Ridding itchiness from the lice
Is a plausable notion

Swimming to the bottom,
Rolling on their sides
Agitating & devouring 
Anything that hides

Weighing four times
The size of huge elephants
Breeding humpback whales
Show aggressive temperaments

What a marvellous mammal
Monumental & immense
A colosal subquatic
With an exceptional sense


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Wow , 50 feet , I enjoyed reading!