Poem -

I AM....

I am the tallest mountain
The lioness
The bear
I am the force
That guards
The entrance to the lair
I am the hand that stills you

The voice that offers hope
I am the breast that suckles you
Your lifeline
And your rope

I am the legs that carry you
The heart that knows your pain
I am the only arms you need
To make it right again
I am the one who lulls you
Deeply into sleep
I am the soul
Who's wise to know
That you
She cannot keep
I am the warming fire
The candle 
And the flame
I am the shadow
At the window
Untill you come home
I am Mother.
Marion Price(2019)


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Savage Skavege

awesome punchy rhymes with a rhythm on their own.

A Lonely Journey

Beautiful, Marion! 
My gosh, are you a great writer. 
Wonderful lines in that! 'Your lifeline, and your rope...' 
Fan-tastic, and I'm a big fan. 

Awesome, as usual.