Poem -

I Asked...

I asked the grass why it was green
And it cried and tried to turn yellow
I asked the moon why it was white
And it hid behind the clouds
I asked the sun why can't we touch you
And it grew a little cooler to try to be good enough
I asked the flowers to bloom
And they tried and tried 
I asked the sky to grow dark
And it did but the sun cried
I asked the seeds why they take so long to grow
And they said they're trying, please don't yell
I asked myself why do we treat people like this
And the sun came out
The flowers bloomed
The moon was proud
And I kept quiet
And everything was perfect.

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Valerie Eleby

BR...  yes, it is in the asking that the dialogue starts...asking evokes thought and consideration before answering.  Question, after question...until the right one was asked which would instigate the change:  "why do we treat people like this?" Then everything good responded...as perfection began its course through the world.
Beautiful write!