Poem -


And they came to me
The spirits, the other
In my time of need
They reached out to me
Those of good intention
Those angels of good deed

Magical whispers 
That foretold this days light
Though I rejected the voices
Trusted only my sight
Still they persisted
To speak truth to me
There is purpose and reason
To all air that is breathed

Though your path may be troubled
And your torment be great
Bask in the comfort
Of our loving embrace
For the answers you seek
Are not for you to know
Trust in our light
For we hold safe your soul

But a broken thing
Was I 
That did lay down and cry
And on such anguished nights
Only wanted to die
And twas then that I knew
Such deep loving embrace
Such overwhelming love
As to feel deep disgrace

So, slowly I stumbled
Faltered steps towards light
And painfully searched
For some courage
To fight
And now many years on
Strong I stand in the day
But twas they
That did guide me
Out of harms way

So I share with you now
A truth that I know
There is more to this world
That we earthlings do know
For the loving ones 
Saved me
And bid me to see
That we are never alone
We only need to believe

I believe.
Marion Price (2019)



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A Lonely Journey

That was so beautiful! Perhaps you looked into a mirror, because I think the angel was you, and you noticed you were strong, and wonderful. 
Really loved that hopeful, sweet poem. 

Your friend, 


Marion Price

It's actually based on truth Mathew though I suspect it will take many more attempts before I can convey adequately what I mean ( if ever). I do not believe in conventional religion( who needs the wars?) but I discovered a personal spiritual journey?? at one of the lowest and most horrific periods in my life which truly has led me to believe in something ...other? than the physical. That said...I'm off to take my meds 😆🤣💕