Poem -

I Can Do

I opened my eyes this morning
Changed my thinking to say
Lord, what can I do today
Thank you Lord, I can do
I can do for you

My heart is willing
My mind is focused
Waiting for your calling
Your will and my rewards
Yeah, I can do for Jesus
I can do

If I stop looking
I'll miss seeing Him in everything
Anticipating, knowing the Lord is going to be making a move
He moves

If you have hope
Keep on the alert
Looking for God in your life
Don't pass up a chance to do for Jesus

Jesus I know you know 
I wanna do for you

Be still all Gods people
Know that he is God
And you can do
Yes and amen
You can do for Jesus!
Yes, I can do!

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Tony Taylor

hey TERRY!!.....I haven't read you before.... glad I did..... this is the kind of write that many a soul needs to hear/read!!.....because taking action says so much about one's faith.... it's one thing to think a thing... it's entirely different to put those thoughts into action!!......"I Can Do!"...a VERY powerful thought and expression!!.....ALL STARS!!.... well done dear poet sister!!...... LOVE and ROCKETS !!......T xo 👍👍✴❤✴😊

Terry Kay

Thanks Tony! I originally wrote this as song lyrics to sing in church. I know it's simple. You words are encouraging cause I don't see myself as a poet. I'm going to check your poems out! Thanks again. Hey, would you mind telling me how do you vote?


Daniel Hickman

This is nice Terry! I'm a Christian artist if you're interested search Daniel Hickman on YouTube and the rap is kine. Thanks 


Terry Kay

Hi Daniel.
Thank you. I went to you utube and I like your music. Rising young star I could call you! Most of my writing was written as Christian song lyrics. Long story but was hard when I never got to sing.  Blessing to you! Maybe you would enjoy some others I posted. you will be able to tell which ones were suppose to be lyrics if I didn't indicate that. The spirit will let you know! Got to go -  busy! This afternoon I will listen to all your stuff! Thanks again...
Terry Kay