Poem -

I Dream Of Dolphins

I Dream Of Dolphins

I dream of dolphins,
I dream of the blue,
Every day I look out of the water,
I look out of the view,

I see the tropical,
I see the never-ending sand,
I see lovers walk hand in hand,
I see the beautiful and sublime,
I see it all and I wish it was mine,

Every now and then,
I catch a glimpse,
Breaking the tender blue,
Every now and then,
My dreams run away from me and set sail,
Every time I see a fragmented fin,
Everytime I see a tail,

When I see them swim,
I see them glide,
I want to be close to them,
I want to swim by their side,
I want to lose myself in the moment,
I want to get lost in the dream,
To find myself looking up at the sky,
Wondering what it all means,


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