Poem -

I Get To Love Again...

I Get To Love Again...

I've heard my own voice and been through the wilderness, 
I've broken my heart through choice and came out victorious,
I've laughed at my own failures and raised a glass to myself,
I've been drunk, I've been sober and I know which one helps...

I lay down on this grassy bank, I pour the rest of my soul into the river,
I wrestled with my demons on the edge, I'm an angel from a sinner,
My darkness ran cold in the ripples, bouncing between the grey stones,
I've been transcended into the world again, reborn, without a broken soul.

I've had so much to say,
The devil's path was the only way,
I've waited for the sun rise to wash the pain,
I'm blessed, that I'm in blades of grass, instead of a grave.

So I see my reflection, a mirrored image looking back, but showing a different face,
I see a smile, 
I see opened up eyes, 
I see a future that can shine, with days of amazing grace,
I love skimming stones, I kissed, I wished, that times would change,
So this day in September,
I get to breathe, 
I get to feel,
I get to touch,
Most of all...
I get to love again.

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Beautiful words my brother!  I like the hope and self reflection that you give the reader in this verse 

Cherie Leigh

Hi Wayne.  I like the attitude of this to laugh at one's self instead of succumbing to the pain of life....to be thankful to be on the grass instead of in the grave....to have overcome addictions and insecurities to embrace life and especially that last line...to get to love again....What could be more powerfully life changing than that?  Lol   Lovely sentiments of an honest reflection of life. Thanks for sharing. xo ;0