Poem -

I just get on with it

I just get on with it

I try not to think about it
I just go about my day
Sometimes it's a bit of a struggle
And I have to do things in a different way
But I seem to manage nicely
Are usually get things done
Now I have to walk slowly
When at one time I used to run
I start my day at work
And then later on get dressed 
because first thing in the morning
I'm really not at my best
I try to keep things tidy
And the kitchen i try to keep clean
I managed to drag the laundry down
And stuff it in the washing machine
Changing the bed is a bit of task
One I don't look forward to
I don't change it every week now
But that's just between me and you
Now when I do my shopping
I have to use a wheelchair
And I hardly notice now
When people stop and stare
If I need to walk any distance
I have my trusty scooter
Be careful not to get in my way
Just listen out for that little hooter
Some days I do too much
I just can't help myself
It's nice to feel normal sometimes
And not worry about my health
I need to lose a bit of weight
I struggle to exercise
I know I need to eat less
But it's hard, I know, I've tried
Parkinson's only beats you
If you let it win
The secret is quite easy
Be stubborn and don't give in
A positive attitude
It's really quite a must
Because stress just makes it worse
And so does making a fuss
I just take one day at a time
And I don't think about what's to come
That's the way I deal with life
That and have loads of fun

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Tony Taylor

You're amazing!!.... great write!!...... bless you dear poet sister!!.......T xo 🐧✴❤