Poem -

I love thee

I love thee

Aug 8th 2018
I love thee
The strength it will take
All the pain and ache
How will the future continue
Without you there
In it
When will the suffering end
Is finding peace even an option
At this point it seems unlikely
A darkness creeps through
The daylight is all I see
Are shadows
That swallow my soul
Images of our times together
Haunts me still
Flooding my mind on loop
Each passing moment I
Can feel you near
But your not here
Wondering where you are
Hoping you are happier than I
Dreading the sleepless nights
Where I lie awake missing you 
Knowing the end was my doing
Even though you deserve better
There’s a piece of me that wished it
Could have been me
Thoughts of giving up seep into my mind
Wandering but knowing that’s too merciful
The frightening part of it all
Is who I am when I look 
In the mirror now days I see
A face staring back at ne 
That even I don’t recognize
My love for you won’t ever be
Enough to subdue 
The monster glaring back at me

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Tony Taylor

WOW!! BRIGITTE!!.....one can feel the haunting regret and hand-wringing anguish that is woven into this most compelling piece of poetic prose....a near 'confession' type of write that leads into the darkness of near suicidal contemplation!!......this type of prose makes me feel as though I were reading a private journal!!......the honesty is truly powerful!!....thank you for sharing this.....I DO hope it helped you to write it!!.......ALL STARS!!......well done dear poet sister!!........LOVE & ROCKETS!!......T xo 🐧❤