Poem -

I love you

I love you

My dreams are beginning to get crushed..

crushed by the very one I love..

Should I stay or should I go

I just don't know!

I love the addiction to your lips

The way your hips sway with mine

The way your body fits into mine

The way your body warmth send shivers up my spine and down my arms

When you hug me tight I feel as if I can just lean on you and I am finally home

I melt into you and we become one

Like sugar and tea

When I go to sleep at night I think of you

your gently kisses, your strong arms, your fingers, your lips, your remarkably smart manor, your childishness at times, and so on

When I wake up I think again wishing I could wake to you

But now I am stuck

Stuck not knowing what to do

Should I go or should I stay!?

I want you!

I love you!

But if I don't follow my dreams

Will you love me

If I don't follow them right now

I will be too old to when I do

Will you still want me?

Is it worth it?!

Should I even have to choose?

I am doing this to myself!

I know!

I choose you my love!

I will always choose you

When I am withering away with gray and wrinkles

I will still want your touch

I will still yearn to hear your voice

The way it pleases me every time

it amazes me!

I choose you forever and always.

I love you don't you ever forget!

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Tony Taylor

Hey LETICIA!!... this is a STUNNING love poem..... and they are SO hard to do well as a stand out amidst the sea of daily love poems that pop up constantly...... but the questioning you pose...... the rhythmic delivery...... and the great phrasing was a pleasure to the ear!!.......ALL STARS!!...... well done .......LOVE and ROCKETS!!........T xo 😉☀✴✳


like sugar and tea, lol , I like that very much, can feel love , the yearning of the heart to feel complete, beautifully penned...; )

Lily Cas

Beautiful...yet again I find myself longing for the touch of the soul mate I have yet to find, it takes quite a poem to make me feel this way. 

The way your body warmth send shivers up my spine and down my arms

This is the best feeling in the world...beautifully penned...I think 
I'll go have some sugar and tea now :)


Leticia Sims

Thanks! I am glad it could make you feel such a way! :)