Poem -


Before I start this, I just want to say,
You were running through my mind all day.
I’ll never forget the way you made me feel,
The year 2018 I’d never felt so real.
It’s 00:09 and I’m struggling to sleep,
My heart and thoughts you continue to keep.
I can actually think about you without being sad,
Think of the memories and times together we had
Although deep down I still feel upset,
The pain And weakness I cannot let.
Escape and break out into the main,
Place where others can see that pain.
Around me the words still float,
Sailing around just like a boat.
I still hear your voices in my head,
Remember things that together we had said.
The photos stay, where others can’t see
Only hidden here for me to see.
It doesn’t matter what you do or say,
The thoughts still wonder around my head anyway 
You came back and left once again
My mood pouring down like the rain
But this time it was I who said goodbye,
Before you could even think or begin to try
I stood up and said that this was it,
I’d finally finished putting up with your shit
But no matter what you could say or do
I knew I’d never ever be through with you
You hurt me more times than I could count
It took me a lot of strength to mount
This hurdle of pain that I kept seeming to gain
That was thrown my way, without my say
I’ll never forget the times we shared
I wish that after this you still cared
But that just shows it wasn’t meant to be,
And that eventually I could find the old me