Poem -

I only have your scent

I only have your scent

I only have the aroma of your mouth,
in this loneliness that torments me.
I only have the light of your gaze.
How do you want, my love, do not love you!

If in this darkness that I am living,
when everyone forgets my existence,
only you caress me with tenderness,
understanding the pain of my sadness.

You have poured hope into my life,
that in your eyes of sky is reflected.
Your words are echoes of harmony,
between love notes of a cadence.

I only have the warmth of your smile,
your look, your breath, your integrity
and that fine and hot touch that you leave
in my mouth when you kiss.

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Thank you Silent Dreamer... hugs & kissesss...

Silvylove ^_^