Poem -

I Remember

I remember the sun dazzling off my skin like sky rockets/So in tuned with your temple, I stroke your mental with intelligent conversation and charm/As I embrace you in my arms, while we humm to our favorite love song/Yes I remember lying across the sand on our beach towel, catching all the view like an night owl/I remember I can still feel the sand tickling between my toes, the temperature some hot others are cold/I remember us getting up holding hands walking towards the ocean, listening to it splish and splash the waves moving so fast/Here I am anxious to get back to you , I can't hold my breath/I remember you rescuing me holding my head high above water, nothing else around me mattered/Then to see your face again my lover, my heart, my bestfriend,you mattered/You came just in the nick of time when I felt lifeless and weak/You kept me solid like the mileage on my jeep/Now I have time to settle down and start a family, a life with just you and I/Oh man how i love to see the oceans tide/I remember that summer came rushing for winter/Plenty of raindrops of doubt and sorrow/I'm glad to wake up laying next to you today and tomorrow/Because you know me,I remember how can i forget my first flight, my first bliss of love.

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Mai B

This is absolutely wonderful, all my senses are tingling!
Liked, pinned and rated, amazing job, Mystical Meadow! (:


Thank you I really appreciate that.