Poem -


You were with me through the storm/Enlightened me to your warmth/No matter the shape or form babylove your the bomb/Accomidating me with smiles and laughter/I'm So ready to move forward in this chapter/Our bond prospurs/They say I should win a Grammy of oscars/Society is so filled with such hate and in escape I meditate with music/So I refuse it with no needles and no bruises/I salute those who stride with pride with the mental deformedy they feel inside/But I, I have chosen my path with knowing for a fact that even God makes mistakes/My soul bleeds to be free in a world with no judgement, nor poverty/I'm inlove with the man inside of me yet the women outside of me I am half/I'll be the one who never crosses that bridge/I will live grow old and have kids/I am honest, I am work, I am mystery, I am energy, I am family, I am love, I am inviting, I am kisses, I am hugs/And if that makes me soft then so be it!/I'll be it wearing skinny jeans, Pandora hats and bow ties/I am blown out of my own disguise/I am everything you need and much more/Because I am not afraid of adventures/So In tuned with the human body, no sensors/I love it All yet safely/My pussy is like a gold mine/As you reach your climax you'll find our souls intertwine/Because I am God's greatest design for man.