Poem -

I remember


I remember

Yeah i remember ...
I remember those lusty faces
With wild hands,
Which acted like an animal upon the prey,
Using vomerine or canines for biting upon the body,
Those dirty hands.
Who knows!
 how many were destroyed by them.

I remember,
I remember that scene when you came close ,
I screamed and you ,
 you hit me back,
I tried to run,
You tried to murder,
I tried to hit you back,
You tried to pull those straps,
Your scary smile and that harsh voice still makes me depressed.

I tried to recover from the stress, 
But a day comes when i broke down.

I remember all those incidents since childhood till now,
You called 
I tried to escape ,
You tortured,
Made me your slave.

I run across the roads,
Nobody care,
I ask for help,
I know its unfair,

But today m still alive,
Standing in front of world ,
Getting ready for the fight,
Reaching up to those heights
Still positive!!

But nightmares cant make me sleep 
Sometimes i broke down 
Feeling like choked down 
Asking why its me?

Still trying to stand up again 
And finding the answer,
But this silence gonna give me the result,
And don’t forget that this silence is just the warning before the destructive gale!!


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