Poem -

I see your light

I see your light

... I see your light.
I feel your fight.
Life's shadow covering,
Shades conceal your light.

I touched you once,Β 
with a need...
The cause a thump,
the strongest heartbeat.
My spirit screams...
The dreams I've dreamed.
The blood runs riot,
my veins... a puppets guide,
leading me to my peace.

Two hearts beating in this space.

I'll catch your tears,
begging that you show them to me.
I'll caress your fear,
heal lost feelings.
Uncover light, concealed in greiving.

Your space is sacred, as is mine.
Eagle heights... with the two uniting.

I hold you in my dreams.
I hold you tight,
I hold you when no-one sees
almost every night.
I'll keep you close, I'll help you dream.
I'll be there till you no longer need me.

(c) cgs 2010.