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I know about it, knew about it, long before you.
I saw it coming in the distance.
But the very light from it scared me, so I hid.
I didn’t accept it at first.
But then I found the faith I needed to believe.
So when I saw it at last, when I felt it
Running through me like an energy... I believed.

They say seeing is believing?
What about feeling, touching, tasting?
I heard it through the hustle and bustle of my other memories.
I saw it shine right through my darkest corners, 
Through my most darkest, closely kept secrets
It scattered itself among my unhappy places

And it wouldn’t leave.
And so it remains, to this day.
I believe it helps more than anything.
I thought at first it would be a difficult,
To accept it, but it helps me,
It helps me see through the roughest storms

It helps me see through to myself past all the nonsense
The labels other people put on me.
It cuts out all the rest
Let’s me focus on what I really want, what I’ve always ever wanted…
Clarity. A sense of self, an identity.

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Gerard McGowan

I've yet to find, the identity that my mind has shrouded in chaos, my true existence, but I'm waking up, I'm living  a semiconscious life, soon to be alive.

Inspirational Adrianna. 

Barry Childs

Super poem. No identity crisis here. Barry x