Poem -

IF I COULD........

If i could put my thoughts in my pockets they would be full,
if i could hum a tune in perfect pitch i would
if i could run a marathon or perhaps break a record
i would
if i could turn a different color,like a chamealon i would
if i could be like the wind,sun or rain 
i would if i could.

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Cherie Sumner

Hi Linda....I would like to do those things as well...lol...but I guess I have to focus on what it REALLY feasible for me to do.....It is nice to dream though....I like your intent of this write...to want to reach out to the possibilities.....xox Love n Hugs, Cherie 

Greg Etsell

Linda great poem I like the line If I could  put my thoughts in my pockets thay would be full great line great poem