Poem -

If only I could

If only I could

If I had the ears of an elephant with perhaps the sharp eyes of an owl, I could gallop along with the grace of a gazelle like a fearless lioness on her prowl

If only I could leap like a kangeroo boxing everything out of my way, I would never be late for anything again with no reason for dally or delay

Oh imagine if I had the feathered wings of an albatross how amazing would that be ? I could fly to my far flung destinations, not a congestion would bother me

I so wish I could slither like a boa constrictor up to the highest height of the tallest tree, one can only contemplate the marvellous views I would see

Alas I am but a humble human with only the average of capabilities, isn’t it such a shame I don’t dwell in a burrow or a den, without the need for household utilities