Poem -

If tomorrow never comes

If tomorrow never comes

If tomorrow never comes then I’d like to know today so I could live my last on earth in an Oh so special way
Oh my goodness tho I wonder what I would do coz twenty four little hours isn’t long enough to think things through

You see I’d want to visit places I’d never seen before telling all my loved ones just how much I did adore
So really everyday from today & with all that in my mind I should treat it as my finale travelling to new places I can find

Treating friends & family special, going just that extra mile,
having a positive persona with a pleasing, natural smile
I need to steer away from negativity leaving no reason for regrets, thus avoiding confrontations & not having any upsets

So now I’ve thought things through I have prepared my plan ahead, just incase there is a morning when I don’t rouse from my bed
I have a vision to complete my mission so being the very best of mum’s, no one know’s what is around that corner incase tomorrow never comes

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