Poem -



A billion cogs turning, rotating together,
Intricate binding enlaced and tether,
Forever as one yet not what you think,
In ignorance and blind, our nature on brink.

Crumbling terrene and toxic waters,
Hand in hand we incessantly falter,
Toss our leftovers and non-erodible waste,
Mountains of filth, a bitter taste.

Animals caught, distraught by inhuman hands,
Non-bio gradable materials disgrace our lands,
And sea and our forests of green and pastures,
I often ponder if they’ll ever be an ever after.

Layer upon layer of crust buried in trash,
Tunnel vision and egomania, our actions are crass.
Selfish we move and yet for a few,
We hope for a world where our futures a new.


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Nigel Cresswell

Brilliant and righteously angry piece. I believe it is a poets obligation to talk of such things, to try and make people feel the truth emotively as well as intellectually. You do that perfectly with this.
Great writing 

Simon Bromley

Thank you Nigel i agree.  Its disgusting how we merely discard all that's important.