Illusion of Pixels

Illusion of Pixels

They say I got thick blood ย 

In those empty tubes in my wristsย 
Rushing through them like a floodย 
From my head to my fistsย 

But What they don't know isย 
My arms and limbs are screwed onย 
an electric kinesisย 
fusion of charged protonsย 

My chromosomes are replaced
With endless chains of 1s and 0s
And my DNA has transformedย 
Into a computer binary code

To them I'm not a humanย 
ย Not independent nor free
Not man nor woman
But a computer
Created in a factory

I'm just a robot, an iron puppet
One they can use as they desire
So they keep unplugging me from my sockets
To overheat my system and set it on fire

But Once They call my name
ย Iโ€™m their device
Placed on a store shelfย 
and sold for a price
I was put togetherย 
By old tools, so imprecise
Living on this earth ย 
But looking for paradiseย 

I'm just a walking picture
ย on a television screen
My body is Part
of a moving machineย 

I'm just a product of a system
A collection of genes
Assembled togetherย 
In a body of a teen


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Jason Brown

Remarkably profound and beautifully written.


J ;)

John Coggins

This is fantastic! I thoroughly enjoyed! It's brilliant โ˜บ


Congratulations on the win. Well deserved

Tina x