Poem -

I’m me, I’m you

The fascinating minds of the fallen

I’m me, I’m you

Everyone’s a member, this club of mine, all that comes to mind, I know it too. Don’t fret don’t scare I’ll be right there, I’m me i’m you.

have you experienced water so cold like needles? I know you have, I saw it through. We are cut the same, every slit of shame, I’m me i’m you. Every voice of mine, everything you speak, I thought it too.
have you experienced needles so deep you smiled?  I know you have, it beckoned me. We are not to blame, it’s all part of the game, the same we play. 
woke up in underwear, don’t dare to stare, not going there, i’m me i’m you.
picking off the ground, one down two down, oh here we go! 
ever felt liquid so fine, somewhat burned the eyes and left you downed till nine. Rung up the phone, don’t wanna die alone but no one answer? I feel it too, i’m me i’m you, I will answer. 

We are one in the same, a free margin name, neither one to blame, we are one in the same. 

laughing to music your friends know not,
now you doe see doe, they don’t see no, just take it blow by blow. 
all clouded vision, those shapes you see done completed the mission, 
left the heist to me, 
brought out the inner beast, 
Now complete the feast, 
leave the bones for me, 
Im you im me. 
hear the elvish music, jivish tempo
dance some more, make true folklore,
no forlorn sequel, just tainted blood, 
but don’t forget the needles.
don’t swear the evils.
ever hold yourself tight, the real trip is life, the real dip is time, the real you is me. 
Puff of the smoke, crack pipe ya know, 
it bubbles around, pray you never come down, 
do it all for me. 
even cut lives , ya know, 
cut corners, ya know. 
Those pricks don’t know you,
these pricks are real,
visibility means real to me. 

when the worlds asleep, the voices you heed, calling to me, calling to you. 
may lull you to sleep, in the deepest of sheets, still you answer. 
it’s simple, it’s true,
im me im you, i’m everyone i meet, everyone I see, i’m the one to beat,
it fills me with glee, to have you with me, 
we belong on the street, believe me i’m you. 
you ever hunger for more? of course you do. I know you do, i’m me i’m you. 

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