Poem -

In days gone by, how did they deal with the murderous feeling missing someone with no modern technological advancements

How did we deal with this murderous feeling in days way back when....

Being away from you is bad enough,
But without you, 
And no way to contact you is pure heart rendering murder.
How did we as people deal with this murderous feeling before all of our technological devices and advancements?....
Even down to a house phone.
How did we deal with this feeling then? 
It's not even been 2 days but i feel like I'm living in hell,
Like days way back when.
Days of telegrams,
horses and a written letter,
How did they deal with it?
Did they just jump on a horse and go get her?
This hour between us,
Back then would be a walk of a day and a half.
Wasn't the case of picking up the phone to chat, message and hear your loved one laugh.
So please tell me how they did it,
In the past,
How did they make this murderous feeling not last?

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