Poem -

In the hospital

Casual observations

In the hospital

Numerous tubes , Monitors
A constant flow of come and go .
White and light 
Bedside tables filled .
Nurses trying to be happy and bright
- Encapsulation of a hospital ward .

The seriously ill , The very sick
Naturally they all want to be at home .
Even though in blunt truth , They are nearer 
deaths door .
The medical professionals , In their skill and care .
Battle to restore them to a surviving level of health .

All the while battling cantankerousness 
- And being taken for granted 

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A place we don't ever really want to visit but if and when we do , we come away with a real appreciation of the dedication of the staff  who work in often difficult situations and under increasingly stressful conditions. Excellently described Chris and  a timely reminder to us all never to take these wonderful people for granted!  x

Chris Bond

Good morning and thank you again for your kind words Lodigiana ! Yes I certainly saw the pressure they work under and think they are massively underappreciated , Wishing you a happy Sunday and looking forward to reading more of your work ! Chris x