Poem -

Inner Critic

Your cheeks are too round and your hair is too flat.
That dress you tried on? It makes you look fat.
Your pimples are spotted a mile away.
Don’t you dare leave the house without make up today.

Close your lips when you smile, they might notice your teeth.
It’s all about looks, no one cares what’s beneath.
Just be more outgoing, maybe then you’ll fit in.
You have to be perfect in order to win.

A good education? You’ll never pull through.
That’s why your mom’s disappointed in you.
Get off your phone and go read a book.
Who wants a wife that doesn’t know how to cook?

You’re not good enough, that’s why you’re alone.
Should’ve just settled, now your chances are blown.
No one will want you, so just suck it up.
You need to start acting a little-


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