Poem -



I see a vision of innocence standing before me
Held in hand, a small branch with a single clinging, dependent leaf
For it is a simple bliss that he has found
Mother Earth has bestowed an elementary, unsullied joy

A different mother tethers his opposite hand
Born from her womb
Innocence finds solace in her gentle, supporting touch
And at this moment......all the comforts of the world are appointed

But what pain it is to see......when eyes are welled with sadness and sorrow
From a force so strong
And with wounds so profound
Innocence is diminished and perhaps momentarily banished away

How cruel the toll being taken on one of so few years
But by hope and conviction, innocence will persevere
For as long as loving comforts prevail, with their magnificent blessings revealed
I am consoled in knowing innocence will dwell in this child through countless years


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