Poem -

Inside out

Inside out

Why not believe things can be changed, 
Why not believe things can be rearranged, 
Just accept that this might feel strange. 
And at the end of your day,  you just might find your fame. 
Life isn't always the same
Snap shots of your life
Frame by frame.
Some of your revival, 
Some purely show survival. 
How did your life capsize 
This is no game 
and at the end your misery provides no prize. 
You looked past what was right in front of you
Ultimately starting the stage of your demise, 
Put your life back together
And one day you might just feel light as a feather, 
And one day you'll proudly reintroduce yourself,           Heather.... 

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Tony Taylor

Hey HEATHER!!.....I REALLY like the flow you've created here with perfect metering woven together beautifully with your rhymes jumping out at the reader...... and tied together with your stream of consciousness ending in a VERY clever final line!!...... cool début piece dear poet sister!!......ALL STARS!!... well done .....and......WELCOME to COSMO!!......LOVE and ROCKETS!!....T xo 👍👍👍✳✳♥ 😊