Poem -



There's many pictures in life,
to keep our hearts beating warm..
our mothers face, the birth of a child.. ... are the norm..
But some I have installed
in favourite replay..
like all my worldly belongings
piled in a heap in a barn..
When we were evicted from our home..
.. all the crap you ever bought in life. covered with a tarpaulin..
for student mice to excavate..
the tomb of don't give a shit..
and in contrast..
ten years later, the fourth house
I renevated on my own..
standing in newly plastered
Walls the ceiling gave way..
and streaming water poured
from all four corners..
You'd think I would cry.. But no.
Turn the water off and lock
the fucker up.. and go..
it sold as it stood..o
But the image was a powerful one..
Things don't always go to plan..
best thing to do is just carry on..

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Gerard McGowan

When I was 12 my house burned down with my family and me in it, we returned a few weeks later to salvage what was left, I stood in my bedroom and captured an image in my head, my Lego and toys, all melted to the floor, I'll never forget it, it just makes me stronger.

pain is good.